Beauty Care

Emerging Unisex Salons



Unisex salons are emerging in India. They are the new age beauty and hair service providers. International Unisex Salons have been in the market ever since the late 90’s.But Unisex Salons almost took a decade to grow in India. Until previous few years, if men wanted a haircut they would go to their neighborhood barber shop. Women would go to the nearby parlors to get haircuts and beauty services, but now the trend is changing. Unisex Salons which caters to needs of both men and women are one stop solution for women as well as men. According to men and women who have switched to unisex salons from barber and beauty parlors says that unisex salons provide better services.


Services provided by unisex salon services include facial, manicures, pedicure, Professional hair treatments, Skin Treatments and Hair Styling and Hair coloring and Bridal packages.  Although most of the services provided by unisex salons services were already provided by local beauty parlors but unisex salons not only provides services but enriching experiences. These services provided by unisex salons have encouraged men and women to groom, adore and flaunt their bodies. Not only Women but men are going beyond hair cut. You can see them getting manicure pedicures in unisex salons. So Ladies to get a relaxing and rejuvenating experience while you are getting ready to look beautiful book unisex salons. You can also encourage your brothers and husband to book Unisex Salons to get all groomed.


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