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Looking trendy and stylish is every woman’s dream. But for that, you need to know the latest trend prevailing in the beauty industry. We bring you some of the Latest beauty and hairstyle trends you can look forward to this year. Also, you can achieve these trends with help beauty and salon services. So Hurry up and book your salons.

Bold Lips: – Do you love wearing bright shades like red, pink, blue or purple? Then, ladies, this is your season. From Aishwarya Rai to Sonam Kapoor every actress is going for the bold lipstick look. You can wear brightest of the bright colors on your lips  and flaunt the bold lipstick look.

Glossy Lids: – Marilyn Moore the famous beauty, loved the idea of glossy eyelids.It is one of the makeup tricks she used to use in her makeup. This trend of glossy eyelids is coming up again.Just dab a little bit of Vaseline on your eyelids and you are good to go.

Blue Eyes: – This season blue is the color of makeup. Whether using it for dabbing on the eyelids or using as eye liners. So if you still haven’t tried blue eye makeup, you should definitely try blue eyes this season.

Light Contouring: – Contouring was initially used in photography shot on models .But previous year clowns contouring created a buzz among beauty industry. This year illusory contouring which is kind of lighter contouring compared to clown contouring is going to rule in the industry.

Short Hairs: – From pixie hair cut to A-Line bob the short hairs look classy on women. So if you ever wanted to go short this is a perfect time.

Braids: – Braids are the biggest hair trends of this year. No matter your hair length, Face shape or style there will always be a kind of braid which will suit you. From boxer braid to fishtail braid you have many options to choose from.


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