Dressing Tips for Monsoon

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Dressing Tips for Monsoon-linkedin

The monsoons are just around the corner with a cool breeze and calming rain. The rain comes as a savior from the harsh summers. We feel ecstatic watching the rains while sipping hot coffee .However, the whole situation changes when you go outside. We bring you some dressing tips to follow when you step outside the house in the rainy season.

Wearing Denim in monsoons can be a little tricky business. The highly humid temperature will not only cause sweating but it can also lead to skin rashes. Instead of wearing denims try stylish and comfortable cotton shorts skirts, leggings or jeggings.

Avoid Wearing white in monsoon as they tend to get transparent when they get wet. Also, there are chances of getting splashes of muddy water on clothes from vehicles.Which will not only ruin your mood but your pretty white dresses as well.

In monsoon, wet clothes don’t get dry before 2 or 3 days. So try wearing fabric like chiffon, georgette, and cotton which are easy to dry.

Avoid Wearing leather unless you want to spoil them. The leather is not only sticky but the rain drops will damage the leather. So, whether its leather boots, shoot, bags or keep them away from your wardrobe in the rainy season.

Women who love to wear saree should choose dark color cotton or chiffon fabric or khadi saree. Dark color like red, green, orange perfectly suits the dark and dull cloudy weather. 
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