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Korean women are well known for their beauty standards and flawless skin all around the globe. Their skin care includes numerous numbers of steps and products. We all drool over their pore less, smooth complexions. It’s not that they are born with it, but they strive real hard and take proper care of the skin, right from a very young age. Women can always avail beauty care services from salons and parlour and get flawless skin, but it is equally important to know what works for skin and what doesn’t. So, Here we bring a few of the skin care secrets from the land of kimchi and K-pop:-

1) Double Cleansing: – Double cleansing is the process of cleansing your face twice, first with an oil cleanser to remove any makeup and traces of oil and next with a foaming cleanser to remove dirt. The double cleansing ensures deep cleansing. The double cleansing method is built on the philosophy of like attracts like. As there are different types of dirt, an oil cleanser attracts and removes oils from your makeup and skin and a foaming cleanser removes the water-based dirt like sweat. The double cleansing method is also known as the 424 cleansing methods.

2) Essence: – Important step in skin care routine in Korea. These liquid lotions have important nutrients in them, which affect the skin of cellular level, triggering the cell turnover rate which makes skin smoother and brighter. These are used for treating a specific skin care issue like acne or pigmentation. It is used after toning the face.

3) Moisturizing: – A flawless skin is a right balance of oils and water. So it’s quite important to hydrate the skin. Korean skincare products are loaded with hydrating effect. They hydrate their skin using sheet masks absorbed in essence. The hydrating sheet needs to be kept on the skin for half an hour, so that our skin absorbs all the nutrients from the sheets.

4) Sheet Mask: – Korean women love to use a sheet mask. These sheets mask detoxes and exfoliate your skin. These are made with thin cotton sheets absorbed in various liquid-based formulas that one can choose according to their skin need. All you have to do is let the site sit on your face for 15-20 minutes and you are all set to get a clear looking skin.

5) Eat and drink: – Korean believes that you are what you eat. So eat and drink cautiously because it shows on your face. They take low salt diet as excess salt can cause bloating. Drinking loads of water to flush out toxins is next on their list. They also eat fresh fruits and veggies to get all essential elements to get a perfect looking skin. Kim chi the national food of Korea is a fermented vegetable loads with antioxidants vitamin C and it is consumed with every meal to improve skin

6) Organic Product: – Korean skincare products are loaded with organic ingredients. Have you heard about the snail cream? Yes, it originated in Korea. The snail slime extract is used in skin cream since it is quite beneficial in skin cell regeneration. Green Tea and Rice which are full of antioxidants are also used in skin care products.

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