How to Get Your Salwar Suit Stitched

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Do you love Salwar suits, but don’t wear them because they look boring and outdated? Here we bring some of the latest Salwar suits designs that will transform your whole salwar suit game. You can either get these suits designs stitched by booking online boutique or you can either buy them ready made.

Indo Western Style: – Indo Western style is developed from the old Churidar Salwar suit style. In Indo western, you can get your Salwar suit stitched with western details like sheer material, crop top style jackets, asymmetrical style slits, dhoti pants and trouser pants style are the most popular trend in indo western style.

Long Straight Salwar Suit: – Long straight Salwar suits which are popularly known as Pakistani style Salwar suit got quite famous when Kareena Kapoor wore it in the movies bodyguard. This Salwar Kameez looks quite a similar to Churidar Salwar suit except for the fact that the Kurti is quite long in length. You can pair the long stitched Kurti with palazzo, legging or Salwar.

Front Slit Salwar Suit: – These are the trendiest kind of salwar suit design this season. Usually, the slit is present on the both the sides of the suit, but it simply amazes me how a simple front slit can make a Salwar suit look so gorgeous. For more ravishing look you can make the slit higher up to the ribs.

Anarkali with jackets: – Jackets and capes can be seen everywhere be it blouse designs, Lehenga and now it has spread its charm in Salwar suit designs as well. In this type of suit, a floor length Anarkali is paired with a sheer jacket with embroidery.

High Neck Collar Suits: – High neck collar gives a complete and formal look. This style of suit is stitched with a floor length suit with flowing or kaftan design sleeves. Recently Karishma Kapoor wore a red collar high neck Salwar suit in a movie premiere, which created quite a buzz in the fashion industry.



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