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Easy Makeup and Hair Tips for Women

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  Perfect hair and makeup can make a great difference in our appearance. But due busy morning schedules in which we have to complete all tasks like making breakfast, household chores and  above all getting ready for our workplace and college getting your makeup and hair on point is quite difficult. Women can always book online parlor, salon, and spa for their basic feminine needs but at such times makeup and hair care tips comes handy as they save our time and energy. So here we bring some of the best makeup and hair tips.

Makeup Tips 

  • We all suffer from acne at some point in life, but it should not stop us from looking pretty and beautiful. After applying acne fighting treatment, you can use foundation, cream and powder to cover acne and blemishes.
  • For a natural looking eye makeup, use a neutral eyeshade and then apply a pencil or liquid liner.
  • Any makeup look without blush is never complete. Blush can make your dull looking face bright and fresh. For a long lasting blush, apply a cream blush and set it to a powder.
  • If you want your face to look slimmer than usual, then try using contouring with the specific color palette. You can use a brown cream under your cheeks, under the angle of your jaw and over your temples. This will give an illusion of shadow to be there. Blend the brown powder with your fingers and apply your regular foundation after that.
  • To get plump lips, use a layer of lip gloss on your regular lipstick. For e.g. if your upper lip is not as plump as lower lip, apply a gloss at the center of your upper lip.
  • To combat dry skin, apply hydrating mist for instant nourishment. Your tired-looking face will get refreshed in few seconds.
  • For wider looking eyes first, curl your lashes and then apply eyeliner.
  • To get a slim looking neck and pointed jaw line, apply matte bronzer along the jaw line, at the middle of the neck and top of the chest. 

Hair Tips:

  • To fight frizzy hairs, make a high tight bun. This kind of bun looks classy by showing off your bone structure.
  • Changing hair parts can bring major difference in your hairstyle. To change parts, right after you get out of the shower, make your new part and blow dries your hair in that direction.
  • To make your hair feel fuller, use hair mousse. This also helps in managing unruly hair ends.
  • Avoid pulling your hair while combing.
  • If you have curly hairs, use your fingers to create volume instead of hair brush.

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