10 Myths about Spa

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 Have you ever thought what is stopping you from booking spa appointments? The most common reason for this is, there are a lot of apprehension and myths related to the spa. So here we are going to break some myths about the spa.

  • The most common myth about spa treatment is that they cost a lot of money. No, they aren’t. Whether a spa is expensive or not depends on upon a lot of factors like location, taxes, and products used. Nowadays, online spa booking services are available which provide options to compare prices, review and choose from a wide variety of spas available. You can choose spa which suits you best.
  • People are afraid of acupuncture needles used in the spa treatment. But the truth is that it causes no pain. You might feel a slight sensation when the needles in inserted, but some people don’t even feel that. All you need to do is breathe and relax when the therapist inserts the needle.
  • Anti-aging treatment provided at the spa is also not famous. People have this misconception about the spa that therapist doesn’t provide the best services when it comes to skin. But the truth is that the massages, products, steam treatments provided by spa therapist are actually quite beneficial for skin and anti-aging, which further protect the skin from anti-ageing.
  • A tanning bed at the spa can cause skin diseases. Due to this myth meanwhile tanning session, people don’t want to go nude on tanning beds. According to law tanning spas need to sanitize the tanning beds post every session. So you need not worry about cleanliness and hygiene at the spa.
  • Spa treatments are considered to be a luxury. It is misinterpreted that, people who want to enhance their beauty go to the spa. But the truth is that spa provides more benefits than just enhancing beauty.
  • People often have this myth that spa is not easily accessible. No, these days you can check and book various spa online located nearby your location on Femaleadda.
  • It is believed that a spa will be located near a Jacuzzi, swimming pool or sauna room. But the truth is that a spa is a place that focuses on the wellness, relaxation, skincare, fitness that encourages the revitalization of mind, body, and soul. So, some spas have a sauna to enhance your experience and some don’t.
  • There is still this myth that a spa is a place for women. A real man doesn’t go to the spa. Well, that’s not true. Anybody who needs relaxation and wellness can go to the spa. Be it man or women.
  • It is believed that you have to be extremely flexible for various yoga sessions provided at the spa. But the truth is that yoga instructors in spa select yoga according to your body type.


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