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Hair Color Trends | Hair color idea | Stylish hair trends

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 Hi, ladies? Are you bored of your current hairs? Do you look in the mirror every day and think it’s time to get a makeover? A slight change in hairs can change your whole look and what better than coloring your hairs. These days it has become easier to get hair color done with online salon and parlor booking services. Here we bring some of the latest hair color trends that can change your hair game.0e9f6b936a9a5e5120af7abdd8a28252.jpg

Light Butterscotch Brown– Natural light brown or brunette is the safest bet if you prefer natural hairs. This hair color is a combination of light brown with blonde dimension. This color works pretty well with medium and warm skin tones.

Natural Blonde– This hair color is going to be a hit in winters. This color suits warm, light skin tones and light eye color. It is somewhat similar to strawberry color.

Burgundy– you might have seen Katrina Kaif in a recent movie with the red hair color look. That red color is called burgundy. It works well with cooler and lighter undertones. It suits the Indian skin tone as well.

Dark Golden Brown: – Dark Golden brown hair color is built with slight hints of warm honey in the brown color range. This shade suits, olive, deeper and warm skin tones. This shade creates a lot of warmth that easily compliment people with warm and hazel eyes.


Purple Ombre: – This deep violet with lilac gradient looks gorgeous. This shade works best with any skin tone. Try this hair color and get ready to look like a Disney princess.

Teal Ombre: – This hair color is all over the social networking sites. This shade suits cooler skin tone. If you want to try something bold and courageous, then trying this hair color and get ready to get a lot of compliments.

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