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How to treat Hair Damage | How to Take Care of Damaged Hair

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Do you know hair can damage very quickly? But, bringing them back to life takes quite a lot of time and energy. The Harsh environmental condition, over a use of heat treatments, hair bleaching and coloring can make hairs dry, dull and damaged. So here we bring some of the measures and tips you can follow to prevent and treat hair damage. Nowadays Parlours also provide hair damage treatments. You can book Ladies Beauty Parlour and avail the services.

Identify early: – It is better to detect hair damage as soon as possible. So that you can start early hair care treatments. Check if your hairs are dry, brittle, and frizzy or have split ends. If you detect any one of the above problems your hairs are damaged. Start repairing your damage by using gentle shampoo and conditioners.

Go for a trim: – Split Ends are a common cause of hair damage. If you have split ends get them trimmed as soon as possible to prevent further hair damage. You can also get a split ends hair removal treatment. In this treatment, the split ends are removed with the help of a candle.

Stay away from styling tools: – Excessive use of heat is also one of the causes of hair damage. So if you already have hair damage avoid using hair curling, hair straightening, and blow drying tools. These tools can make your hair more dry and damaged. If you can’t avoid using them try low heat setting.

Choose the right hair product: – For damaged hair sulfate free shampoo and herbal shampoo are the best picks. This type of shampoo has herbs and essential oil, which can heal and repair the hair damage at a faster rate.

Banish Hair coloring: – Hair color has chemicals and harsh bleaches which can damage already damaged tresses. If you still want to get a hair color done, make sure to use ammonia free formula hair color.

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