Top Trending Prints and Patterns

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Prints and patterns can change the whole appearance of a simple fabric. We love wearing simple, colorful clothes but wearing printed clothes can transform your dressing style. This year on the fashion runway a wide variety of prints and patterns were showcased. These prints are patterns are trending this season. You can either buy trending printed clothes or book online boutique to get customized printed clothes. Some of the trending prints are as follows:-

Geometric Prints: – Geometric prints have been trending for quite some time now. From music queen rihanna to Bollywood queen Kangna Ranaut. Everybody celebrity can be seen in geometric printed clothes. These prints are quite quirky so making sure to wear minimal jewelry and makeup so that the center of attraction is your outfit.

Gingham Prints: – This season bold gingham prints made a huge comeback. The regular gingham has been transformed into bold gingham patterns in subtle, contrasting and mellower shades. So this time, flaunt the gingham prints and get ready to get a lot of compliments.

Stripes: – This classic print in never going out of trend. You can choose from a wide variety of stripes like thin, bold, horizontal, vertical and wavy stripes. This season, colorful stripe, rainbow stripes and white stripes were the center of attraction.

Abstract Floral: – Floral prints are the most talked about prints among women’s. This time, they came with a twist of abstract and realistic design. So stock up your wardrobe with abstract and realistic patterned clothes.

Tie and Die: – Since ancient times, tie and die is the most artistic and interesting kind of pattern. This year it came with cuts which make it even more appealing to the women. So this season doesn’t forget to buy tops, tunics, pants in a colorful tie and dye prints.

Optical Illusion: – This year Fashion Designers came with the interesting idea of optical illusion prints. You can find these prints in all colors from colorful to classic black and white colors.

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