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Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails | Nail design | Indian makeup

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Some women prefer short nails as they are easy to manage compared to long nails. It is a common perception of women that short nails cannot have beautiful nail art. So here we bring some of the best nail art ideas for short nails. You can either try these nail art at home or book parlor to get your nails done.

Galaxy Nail Art: – The Galaxy blue color is in trend. Nowadays from clothing to footwear, everything can be found in the gorgeous blue galaxy colors. If you want to try a bold print, try the galaxy nail art. It looks complicated, but it’s super easy and can be easily done on small nails.

Leopard Nail Art: – Do you like animal print? If yes, then leopard print is the best pick. It is also one of the bold prints, but you can pull them off on any occasion. Be it for a party or everyday wear. The easiest way of doing leopard print is by mixing and matching gold, tan and black nail colors.

Geometric Nail Art: – Zigzag lines, rectangles, triangles and squares, these geometric shapes looks beautiful when drawn on nails. These are always in fashion trend. You can draw bright color, detailed and thick line geometric patterns. So paint your nails into geometric patterns and get ready to get a lot of compliments.

Gingham Nail Art: – Gingham or the bold check print is the trendiest print of this year. The fashion industry is going crazy over this cool print. So why not try this in nail art. Recently, many celebrities were also spotted wearing the gingham nail art.

Polka Dots Nail Art: – Polka Dots are the classic nail art design. This is by far the easiest nail art design which you can try and it looks great on short nails compared to big nails. So whether you are trying Classic polka dots or detailed polka dots, you nails are going to catch a lot of attention.

Cartoon Faces Nail Art:-Do you know you can even draw the faces of your favorite cartoon characters on your nails. The cartoon character nail art comes from the land of east Asian countries. So try this nail art and transform your short nails into gorgeous nails.

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