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 Knowing what outfit suits your body type, what colors complement your skin tone and what accessories will enhance your overall look is the art of looking fashionable. We bring you some of the best tips which can make you look like fashionista whenever you step out of your office:-

Visit a Boutique: – Women often think that boutique is costly. But spending a few extra bucks on boutique is totally worth it. The boutique is specialized in providing well fitted and customized clothing. You can get stitched the replica of your favorite celebrity Anarkali suit or dresses with the help of the boutique. Therefore, don’t hesitate and book online boutique to get a fashionable edge over others.

Accessorize: – Accessories are like a cherry on the cake. They can transform a basic piece of clothing into fashionable cloth. So make sure to add at least one piece of accessories like earrings, belts, scarves or hat before stepping out of the house to look like a Fashionista.

Evergreen clothes over Trendy: -Following the trend is too main stream, if you follow the trend you will run into at least one person on the street wearing the same clothes as you. Therefore, choose the timeless piece of clothing which will never go out of fashion and will make you look unique and chic at the same time. If you like following trends, add a little twist of your own to the outfit.

Three colors at a time:-While choosing colors make sure to choose not more than three colors at time. Even if you like doing mix and match of textures, patterns and prints never choose more than 3 colors in your outfit. This rule doesn’t need to be followed while wearing white, though. If you are choosing white as one of three colors you can add at least one more color to your outfit.

Balancing Act: – Fashion is all about balance. Therefore before stepping out of the house look at yourself in the mirror and check if the outfit is overpowering or if the patterns, fabric, and texture are in harmony or not. For example, if you are wearing something larger for bottom makes sure to wear a short for the top to balance the whole look.

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