How to Use Summer Clothes in the winter

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Winter is just around the corner. The summer is coming to an end and it is not easy to put way your favorite shorts and tank tops. In few days we will be seen wearing jacket and overcoats. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite summer dress in winters. It is the perfect time to book boutique and get all your winter clothes altered to get winter ready. Here we bring some tip and tricks to help you reuse your summer clothes in winters.

Shorts: – Shorts? Yes, you can pull off the shorts look in winter as well. You can either choose fabric like wool, denim or the soft fabric like silk and chiffon. Wear your shorts over a pretty printed legging or plain legging with ankle boots and for the top you can wear a blazer or denim jacket.

Short Dresses: – We all miss our favorite short dresses in winter, but here is the trick to use it in winters as well. Pair an oversized sweater and wrap it around your waist length. This will create an illusion of an hourglass figure. You can also pair your short dress over tight leggings or stockings.

Rompers: – You can style rompers over tights and under a well-fitted blazer. Also wear a skirt for the bottoms below rompers. In this way, the romper will appear like a top paired with the skirt.

Maxi Dresses: – You can make a maxi dress from one pair of clothing in two. Just add top with long sleeves over the maxi dress. You can also pair your maxi dress with a leather jacket and sneakers.

Skirts: – You can pair your pretty skirts with oversized pullovers and ankle length boots. Leggings beneath skirts also give a chic look when paired with boots and overcoats or blazers.

Tees: – summer tees need not be thrown in your closet just because it is cold outside. Wear your favorite t-shirt or tunic over a black or white warmer with denim and overcoats.

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