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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

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 Applying perfect makeup is an art which every woman wants to master. When you are an amateur at makeup you tend to do a lot of mistakes which can makes you look older and not so pretty. That is why it is advisable to book online makeup services to get your makeup done. Some of the most basic makeup mistakes that women do are:-

Wrong Shade Of Foundation: – Most of the women wear wrong shade foundation. They either wear a too dark foundation or too light foundation than their actual skin tone. So always choose two shades which are very similar to your actual skin tone and apply them on your jaw line, and then check in natural light. Choose the one which looks more natural.

Applying Makeup To Dry Skin: – You should never apply makeup to dry skin. You should exfoliate your skin before applying makeup. If you apply makeup to dry skin, then the flakiness in your skin will be visible. When your skin is dry, instead of blending, makeup sits on the dry areas.

Wrong Shade Of Blush: – Always choose a blush that enhances your natural blush tone. It is about balancing also. If you are going for a bright red lipstick choose a light shade of blush.

Not Using Clean Makeup Brushes: – This is the most common mistake while applying makeup. Before applying makeup always check if your makeup brushes are clean or not. Unclean makeup brushes and sponges are the home of bacteria and germs which can cause breakouts. You should wash your makeup brushes with gentle shampoo and brush cleaner before using them.

Not Throwing Away Expired Makeup Products: – Do you know that mascara gets expired after 3 months? Just like mascara, makeup product like foundation, lipstick, compact etc too has an expiry date. So make sure to de-clutter your makeup products after expiry. If you use expired cosmetic, they can cause skin infection and irritation.

Apply Matte Lipsticks on Dry Lips: – Do fee your lips get dry when you apply matte lipstick? Your lips need exfoliation and hydration before matte lipstick application. So before you applying matte lipstick make sure your lips are nourished.

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