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Night Party Makeup Tips

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With the end of the festive season you all are ready to enjoy the Shaadi season with lehengas, sarees, and jewelry. But what about the makeup? Since most of the wedding functions are scheduled at night it is quite important to learn the night party makeup tricks. You can also book makeup services at salon and parlors to get the best night party makeup look. Here we bring some of the best makeup tricks that you can follow while doing your night party makeup.

Get Glowing Shine: – To lift the dullness away from your face, mix a little bit of shimmer or highlighter to a hydrating moisturizer. Using a hydrating moisturizer will prevent your skin from skin dryness and flakiness.

Avoid SPF: – We all know how important it is to wear SPF during the daytime. But you should avoid using SPF based products for night makeup. SPF has a tendency to leave a white cast. So if you will use SPF based foundations you might end up looking like a ghost in photographs.

Smokey Eye: – Some girls love doing Smokey eyes, whereas some prefer subtle eyes. So if you are planning to wear Smokey eye, don’t forget to check your lip and eye makeup. Make sure your Smokey eye makeup compliments your other makeup.

Bold lips: – For night makeup you should always choose dark and bold lip shades. Don’t be afraid because you can experiment with a lot of bright shades in night makeup.

Blush: – For night makeup choose the right shade of blush as per your skin tone. If your skin tone is on the darker side choose tinted blushes, medium skin tone beauties can choose coral shades, for tanned skin terra cotta is perfect and for people with fair skin tone pink is the best shade.

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