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How to Remove Makeup


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We all love applying makeup but how many of you know that not removing makeup is the biggest sin for your skin. When you go to bed with your makeup on, you are damaging your skin. You can book top and best parlour and salons to get your makeup done for various functions and events but removing makeup is a technique which you should definitely learn and try on your own.

Removing makeup should be a topmost priority before going to bed. When you remove makeup it lets your skin breathe, promotes blood circulation, and improves cell renewal by removing dead skin, it removes dirt, makeup, and impurities from the skin surface and prevents a pimple, redness, blackheads and skin irritation.

You can try the below steps to remove makeup effectively

  • Wash your hands properly
  • Choose a good makeup remover as per your skin. You can choose from wide variety of makeup remover like micellar water, cleansing milk or facial cleanser .Just put your makeup remover on a cotton pad. Some products can be directly applied to the wet skin without using cotton pads.
  • Gently sweeps the cotton pads on your face if you are using micellar water and in the case of cleanser just lather the cleanser by rubbing it into your palms.
  • Make sure that every trace of makeup is removed. If you feel something is still left just repeat the second step once again.
  • With a clean, hot towel, wipe off your face then apply a toner with a cotton pad to finish of the cleansing routine. A toner will also help in restoring the PH balance of the skin. 

Bonus Tips 

  • Make sure to remove your makeup at night as our skin repairs at night.
  • People with dry skin should stay away from over washing. So make sure to use a gentle cleanser with a balanced PH. After washing your face make sure to apply a moisturizer to keep it hydrated.
  • When removing makeup from the eye area, make sure to use a product specifically made for that particular area.

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