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Homemade Face Mask for Best Skin This Winter

Winter makes skin dry and flaky. Chapped lips, dull skin, breakouts, and eczema are some common skin problems in winter. Homemade masks made from using spices and plants from your kitchen are very beneficial DIY options during this season. Here is given the recipe of such a DIY mask which will not just improve your skin tone but will also keep your skin free from any sort of skin problems in winter.

For preparing homemade mask you will need:
1 cup of fenugreek seeds


1 tbsp cinnamon powder


1 tbsp turmeric powder

turmeric teaspoon.jpg

1 tbsp manuka honey


1 cotton or gel beauty mask

Now take boiling water and add fenugreek seeds. Let it soak for the full night. Next morning strain water from fenugreek seeds and blend it into a paste.
Take a bowl and put all the ingredients like fenugreek seed paste, cinnamon, turmeric and manuka honey. Mix it together properly, thereafter spread this mix onto cotton or gel mask.
First of all, clean your face and then apply this mask on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes then remove the mask and wash face with mineral water.
This mask is a perfect remedy for glowing skin this winter. Ingredients used in this mask such as fenugreek seeds contain anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties which lighten scars and brighten the skin. Turmeric is undoubtedly best skin homemade remedy as it heals scars and diminishes fine line and wrinkles. Manuka honey is good for skin cleansing and also keeps skin dehydrated.
Now, try this homemade DIY mask to get glowing and brightening skin without any extra cost and much effort!

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