How To Take Care Of Colored Hairs

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Hair coloring is common practice these days, If you too are planning to get a hair color book femaleadda at home beauty service to get your hair coloring services right at your doorstep. Today here we bring some of the measures you should take to prevent colored hairs:-

1-Early Hair Damage Prevention: – You should start taking care of hairs as soon as you decide to get your hair color done. Pamper your hairs a bit with the help of hair masks and treatment so that your tresses get prepared for the chemicals in the color.

2-No Shampoo before Hair Color: – Shampoo before hair coloring is not advisable as it will strip the natural oils from your scalp that protect your scalp in the coloring process. Further making your hair’s frizzy and damaged. Therefore, always wash your hairs at least 1 day before, if you are going to get semi-permanent hair color or 24 hours prior to using permanent colors.

3-Use Color Protecting Shampoo: -We all want our expensive hair color to last longer. Therefore, using only color protecting shampoo should be on our list. The color protecting shampoos are gentle that ensures that the color doesn’t fade out. You can also get specific color protecting shampoo for each and every kind of hair color.

4-Cold Water Rinse: – While washing colored hairs, you should always keep the water temperature between the lukewarm to cold and avoid hot water rinse. Hot water can open up the hair cuticle which can fade out the hair color.

5-Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment: -In Hair coloring, lots of chemicals are used which can make your hair dry and brittle. Therefore we should give deep conditioning treatment to our hairs, this will nourish our scalp and make hair healthy and shiny.


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