Facials For Winter Skin

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Winter is that season, which can make your skin look dull and dehydrated due to the cold breeze. Treating yourself with a good facial is all you need to do make skin smooth and moisturized. You can book femaleadda beauty services at home when you don’t feel like stepping out of the house after a busy week. Here is a guide to the best facial for the winter season.

Aroma Therapy Facial: – If you are looking for a facial which can give you glowing skin as well relieves stress. Then try aromatherapy facial. In this facial essential oils are used and the massage is done in circular motion. This improves the blood circulation and removes toxins from the skin. This facial should be considered during the winter season because our skin tends to become dry in winters and essential oils used in this facial makes the skin hydrating and moisturizing.

Oxygen Facial: – During winter our skin lacks oxygen, which causes dryness and itchiness. Also, as we age the level of oxygen reduces in our skin. Oxygen facial helps in supplying oxygen to face, which makes our skin plump and hydrating. In this facial the esthetician will first cleanse and exfoliate your skin, then as per your skin, they will infuse serum with essential acids and antioxidants.

Chocolate Facial: – After the chocolate wax, the chocolate facial is also quite famous. The best thing about this facial is that it suits are all skin types. The chocolate facial not only helps in removing tan, but it is also enriched with milk and butter which induces moisture to the dry and chapped skin. If you are tired and stressed instead of going for normal chocolate facial try a dark chocolate facial.

Seaweed Facial: – If you want a facial which is packed with purifying properties, then seaweed facial is your best pick. Seaweed has the goodness of minerals found in the deep oceans. It helps in protecting the skin from pollution and harmful UV rays. In seaweed, ascorbic acid and selenium are also found which has anti-aging properties. The best this about seaweed is since it is found in the ocean it is highly hydrating for the skin.

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