How facial helps your face?

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A facial is the most basic skin care treatment we can treat our skin with but many of us just use a weekly face mask and want to achieve flawless skin. The facial is the process which includes various steps to makes your skin glowing and flawless. Therefore don’t try DIY facials at home and book beauty service at home with FemaleAdda to get professional facial treatment right at your doorstep. Here we have listed some of the reasons how facial helps our face.

Exfoliation – In facial, the esthetician exfoliates the face to remove dead skin cells and clogged pores. Exfoliation helps in stimulating the cell restoration and breaks down the skin impurities. It also helps in getting rid of skin discoloration and removes post breakout marks. Exfoliation, when done properly, helps in getting a glowing skin.


Manual Extraction: – Our skin produces excess sebum which can cause clogged pores and blackheads. During a facial, Esthetician first applies an exfoliating scrub and then give a facial steam this helps in opening up pores which make it easy to manually extract blackheads and whiteheads with extractor. They also take necessary measures to minimize the redness caused by the manual extraction and the pop a pimple in right way to prevent scarring.

Manual Extraction.jpg

Mask: -In facial, a mask is applied which helps in restoring the temperature of the skin after exfoliation. This helps in reducing redness and provides hydration it also helps in drawing out impurities from the top layer of the epidermis.


Confidence: – Confidence is beautiful and attractive. When you have flawless and bright skin, your confidence level shoots up. Regular facials will help you in getting a spotless, perfect complexion. So before heading for a job interview or family function treat yourself with a facial treatment.


Relaxing Massage
: Facial is the process of applying various creams on the skin and giving a relaxing facial massage. The facial massage is not only relaxing but also helps in bringing out the best glow on your face. The massage helps in improving blood circulation that brings new nutrients in the skin cells. To get such relaxing facial massage book beautician home service.

Relaxing Massage face.jpg

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