Clothing Tips For Slim Woman

Most of the women strive to look slim but slim girls have their own struggle. Not every piece of clothes fit them or looks good on them. Most of the clothes are either too big for them or too loose. In that case, they can book tailor services at home to alter their clothes. Also, here are some clothing tips for woman slim woman:-

Dresses: – The slim woman can appear curvy by wearing dresses like peplum style dresses and tops. Also, boot cut jeans and trousers look great on the skinny figure as they create an illusion of additional shape to the body. You can also look for frill and ruffles details in clothes.


Fabrics: – Fabric that gives some structure to your body is great to look curvy. But make sure that the fabric doesn’t make you look bulky. Therefore choose fabric like wool, as they add curves to your body and avoid clingy fabric. Some of the other fabrics for slim woman are silk, satin, cotton, denim and various soft and flexible knits.


Tailored To Fit Clothes: – For slim girls, it is difficult to find clothes that fit them perfectly. Either the sleeve or the pant is long or too big for you. So they can buy readymade clothes and then get them tailored as per your fit.

Sleeves: – You should opt for volume sleeves and batwing sleeves as they will balance out your silhouette. The batwing sleeves are also helpful for additional shape. Also, tops with long sleeves and prints help in disguising upper thin arms.

Layering: – Layering is also one of the great techniques to create dimension. You can layer up to 3-4 layers of clothes at a time. Use a wide variety of details, prints, and colors. Make sure to not overdo as the ultimate goal is to add volume without looking baggy.


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